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Retain Task Manager allows staff members access to manage reminders for assignments and due dates. At a granular level, you can add Tasks on individual student profiles, or across multiple students at once via a bulk action. We also have support for Importing Tasks via a spreadsheet or Course import.

Creating Tasks

When viewing a student profile page, click on the Tasks tab to view a listing of open & completed tasks. On this page, you will have the option to Add Task.

The Task form panel will slide out from the right-hand side and allow you to fill in the Task details. The current attributes that you can create alongside a Task are:

  • Title – The overall task name
  • Description – Textual description of the task. This can also be added in later to fill in notes such as completed grade, follow ups, etc.
  • Category– Type of task (meeting, assignment, follow up)
  • Icon- Add an emoji icon as a helpful indicator
  • Course- Optionally tag a specific course enrollment
  • Due Date- Date when the Task becomes due for completion
  • Repeats- Optionally repeat the Task each week at the same time
  • Approval User- Tag another staff/support member as the responsible member to ensure completion

In addition to adding Tasks on an individual student profile page, you can Import Tasks or Add Bulk Tasks

Editing & Deleting Tasks

Editing or removing tasks is a simple as hovering over the row and clicking on the pencil or delete icon next to the task completion check box. Overdue tasks will be shown in red.

Completing Tasks

Student Tasks are assumed to be completed and marked off by the Student. This can be done through their web login or mobile application. However, in the event that you would like to complete a task, simply click on the Checkbox next to the Task to mark it as complete. If you are assigned as the task approver, you will also have the ability to confirm the task completion on your Task Dashboard.