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Your Task Dashboard is your central hub for visibility in to Open/Incomplete tasks across your students. This is also the page wherein you can easily confirm completed tasks that require dual-approval. Filtering incomplete tasks also allows you to quickly send targeted SMS Text reminders to students before it’s too late.

Confirming Tasks

For any task which you have been tagged as the approver, once the student marks the task as completed it will notify you and allow you to confirm that the task was completed as intended. All of the completed tasks will be listed, and you can select the Confirm button to verify the task.

Viewing Open or Past Due Tasks

Underneath the section to confirm any completed tasks is where you have access to all open tasks across your assigned students. There are quick filters to scope the tasks down to a more manageable workload, such as Today, This Week, or Next Week.

Sending Task Reminders

Now it’s time to shine! By clicking on the checkboxes next to the tasks, you can bulks end a reminder text message to the students with a customized message. Your Task Dashboard centralizes your communications and makes sure tasks get completed on time.