Athletic Teams

Introducing Retain+

The streamlined student+athlete experience is now here

Retain+ provides a centralized app to message, schedule, and coordinate travel with your team

Structured Communication
Easily send structured messages, replies, and reactions between players and staff for seamless team communication
Integrated Calendars
View team availability and create practice schedules alongside academic responsibilities
Organized Travel
Avoid travel headaches with access to manage itineraries, meal orders, files, and course conflicts
Successful Students
Students are now able to visualize priorities by having all athletic and academic responsibilities centralized

An all new centralized student success and team management platform

Team Calendars
Schedule and provide visibility to all team, practice, and competition schedules. Academic appointments included.
Structured Messaging
Create dedicated team channels for specific use-cases in addition to direct message and small group conversations
Better Meal Orders
Easily capture food and meal order requests from players and staff. Commonly used restaurants and order preferences are saved for future use
Travel Itineraries
Build out player or coaching staff itineraries to keep everyone on the same page during a trip. Optionally attach supporting files or locations.
Study Hall Management
Dynamically check-in students via QR code and scanner to team study halls either on the road or at various facilities on campus
Class Checking
Capture classroom attendance conveniently by having visibility to student-athlete course schedules and building locations

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